261. Thomas RUSHWORTH was born on 12 Aug 1779 in Ilkley. He was christened on 19 Sep 1779 in Ilkley. He died on 22 Dec 1869 in Ilkley. He was a Farmer in Crawshaw. He was a Yeoman farmer. in Ramsgill, Ilkley..

He was married to Sarah BRUMFITT on 2 Mar 1800 in Addingham. Sarah BRUMFITT was born in 1783 in Burley - in - Wharfedale. Thomas RUSHWORTH and Sarah BRUMFITT had the following children:

child+347 i. Susannah RUSHWORTH.
child348 ii. Sarah RUSHWORTH was born on 23 Mar 1802. She was christened on 9 May 1802 in Addingham.
child+349 iii. John RUSHWORTH.
child350 iv. Ann RUSHWORTH was born on 24 Apr 1807 in Crawshaw, Ilkley. She was christened on 28 Jun 1807 in Addingham.
child351 v. Jane RUSHWORTH was born on 28 Aug 1809 in Crawshaw, Ilkley. She was christened on 17 Dec 1809 in Addingham.
child+352 vi. Thomas RISHWORTH.
child353 vii. Thomas RUSHWORTH was born on 13 Feb 1812 in Ramsgill, Ilkley.. He was christened on 10 May 1812 in Addingham. He appeared on the census 1881 ? in Addingham ?.
child354 viii. Edward RUSHWORTH was christened on 19 Feb 1815 in Ilkley.
child355 ix. William RUSHWORTH was christened on 5 Jul 1818 in Ilkley.
child356 x. Isabel RUSHWORTH was born on 5 Mar 1821. She was christened on 11 Mar 1821 in Ilkley.
child357 xi. Brumfit RUSHWORTH was born on 26 Aug 1824. He was christened on 21 Sep 1824 in Ilkley. He was buried on 3 Apr 1825 in Ilkley (6 months).
child358 xii. Mary RUSHWORTH was christened on 15 Oct 1826 in Addingham.