42. John RISHWORTH was born on 3 Nov 1577. He was christened on 3 Jan 1581 in Bingley. He died in 1655 in Keighley. He was buried in 1655 in Keighley. He resided East Riddlesden.

He was married to Ann TOWNLEY in 1603. Ann TOWNLEY died in 1652 in Keighley. She was buried in 1652 in Keighley. She was born in Boyle. John RISHWORTH and Ann TOWNLEY had the following children:

child+56 i. Richard RISHWORTH.
child57 ii. Robert RISHWORTH was christened on 11 Dec 1609 in Bingley. He resided East Riddlesden.
child58 iii. Frances RISHWORTH was born in 1611. She was christened on 31 Jul 1611 in Bingley.
child59 iv. Ann RISHWORTH was born in 1604. She was christened on 16 Sep 1604 in Bingley.
child60 v. Ellen RISHWORTH was born in 1605. She was christened on 1 Sep 1605 in Bingley. She signed a will in 1640. She died in 1640. She was buried on 8 Sep 1640 in Bingley.
child61 vi. Elizabeth RISHWORTH was buried on 17 Jan 1600 in Bingley.
child62 vii. Susan RISHWORTH.