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This is the home page of Edward (or Ted) RUSHWORTH , aged 86, who moved to Edinburgh with his wife Anne in 2008. The website and domain name was the 1998 Christmas gift of our three children, to whom many thanks. It has been used to develop my interests, especially in genealogy on the RUSHWORTH surname and its variants including RUSHFORTH, RISHFORTH, and RISHWORTH.

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Bullet Point Our RUSHWORTH and BOOTH ancestors. My RUSHWORTH pedigree goes back to the 13th century, and my wife's BOOTH pedigree to the 17th century. The RUSHWORTHs had been farmers for many generations around Rombalds Moor, better known as Ilkley Moor, at the heart of Yorkshire, England. The BOOTHs had been woollen cloth manufacturers living at Gildersome near Leeds in Yorkshire. Here is the history of their firm - Booth Bros. (Drighlington) Limited.
Bullet Point History of the RUSHWORTH surname (Including variants).
Bullet Point The Yahoo Rushworth Group - Join the Group now if you are descended from any Rushworth, Rushforth, or or Rishworth, and interested in your ancestors.
Bullet Point RUSHWORTHs in Britain in 1881. The distribution of RUSHWORTH and similar surnames in Britain in 1881 revealed by searches of the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) CDs of the 1881 British Census.
Bullet Point Other RUSHWORTH Lines (Including variants in the surname). As yet these lines are unlinked, so any information likely to link to them or information on other RUSHWORTH lines would be appreciated.
Bullet Point Parish Register extracts of RUSHWORTHs (Including variants), Bishops transcripts, memorial inscriptions, etc.
Bullet Point RUSHWORTH Documents Wills, Title Deeds, and other Documents relating to RUSHWORTHs (Including variants).
Bullet Point John RUSHWORTH, (ca.1612 - 1690) our most famous namesake historian. See also Wikipedia.
Bullet Point Miscellaneous Family History:
LONGSTER - Descendants of John LONGSTER (born ca 1770), Pateley Bridge in Nidderdale, Yorkshire.
Bullet Point Green woodworking - my recent hobby of "bodging".
Bullet Point The local history of Dunira by Comrie in Perthshire , by Edward Rushworth.
Bullet Point "About Comrie" local history books by the late C. Gordon Booth, FSA Scot.

Bullet Point Our Family Photograph Album - Click here to open.

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