2. Joseph RUSHWORTH was born on 10 Sep 1776. He died on 29 Aug 1862. He was also known as Rushforth and Rishforth.

He was married to Mary SCOTT in Coniston. Mary SCOTT was born in 1783. She died on 5 Feb 1840. Joseph RUSHWORTH and Mary SCOTT had the following children:

child7 i. Mary Ann RUSHWORTH was born on 3 Jan 1806. She was baptized on 9 Feb 1806 in Conistone, Nr. Hawkshead, Lancashire.
child+8 ii. Elizabeth RUSHFORTH.
child9 iii. Thomas RUSHFORTH was baptized in 1810 in Kendal. He was born on 3 Feb 1810 in Kendal. He emigrated from Australia.
child+10 iv. Joseph RUSHFORTH.
child11 v. Sarah RUSHFORTH was baptized in 1814 or 1816 in Staveley, Nr. Kendal. She was born on 24 Mar 1814.
child+12 vi. George RUSHFORTH.
child+13 vii. Rachael RUSHFORTH.
child14 viii. Hannah RUSHFORTH was born on 6 Jan 1822 or 20 Aug 1921.
child+15 ix. William RUSHFORTH.
child16 x. Margaret RUSHFORTH was born on 21 Apr 1826. She died on 21 Jun 1826.
child17 xi. Phoebe RUSHFORTH was born on 12 Nov 1828. She died in 1844. She was buried on 21 Jan 1844.