Descendants of William Rushworth (ca. 1804 - 1889)

First Generation

1. Joseph DICKINSON married Alice M RUSHWORTH in 1897 in St Clement, Sheepscar Leeds ref CE61/B/407. He died "UNKNOWN".


Alice M RUSHWORTH , daughter of Squire RUSHWORTH (1833-1909) and Ann Nancy NAYLOR (1840-1891), was born in 1875 in Wortley Leeds BC WORT/71/219. She experienced 1881 Census on 3 April 1881 in RG11/4503/48/34 Bull Ring Wortley in Bramley, age 5. She experienced 1891 Census on 5 April 1891 in RG12/3676 40 Bull Ring Road age 15 Worsted Weaver. She died "UNKNOWN".