8. Michael RUSHWORTH was born on 27 Apr 1805 in Keighley. He was christened on 9 May 1805.

He was married to Sarah SUGDEN on 1 Aug 1825 in Keighley. Sarah SUGDEN was born on 27 Apr 1804. Michael RUSHWORTH and Sarah SUGDEN had the following children:

child17 i. Grace RUSHWORTH was born on 28 Mar 1826.
child+18 ii. Emma RUSHWORTH.
child19 iii. Betty RUSHWORTH was born on 9 Jan 1828 in (query date - 11 Feb 1828?).
child20 iv. Mary Anne RUSHWORTH was born in Mar 1830 in 9th or 30th?.
child+21 v. Benjamin Sugden RUSHWORTH.

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